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I'm LINDSEY SARAH THOMPSON, a multi-disciplined maker with a great deal of experience working in varied environments. I thrive off of a good challenge, believe limitation can be a great source of creativity, and have an innate curiousity and interest in function. That interest has lead me from a foundation in the fine arts and teaching, to the measurable aesthetics of marketing, and finally to a user's full experience of a product. Currently focusing on UX/UI design, I work with product and engineering teams to research user behavior, build flows to cater to those functional necessities, create low and high fidelity prototypes to prove out new concepts and features, and communicate clearly with my team to find balance between feasibility and extravagance in an agile startup environment. Always interested in the way things work, I’m getting my hands and head into the development of these interfaces. Context continues to refine a working process, while feeding a hunger for engagement and understanding.

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MobileDay | 1/2016-present

MobileDay is a Boulder startup that has developed a conference calling app. I am interested in making peoples’ experience of this app attractive and intuitive.

I work with our Chief Product Officer to research user behaviors and responses, build flows to cater to those functional necessities, create low and high fidelity prototypes to prove out new concepts and features, communicate clearly with our developers to find balance between feasibility and extravagance in an Agile, lean startup environment.

  • Design UX for iOS and Android app with respect to platform patterns  
  • Conceptualize user flows with low fidelity mockups [Basamiq]
  • High fidelity mockups and user flows [Illustrator, Photoshop, Invision]  iOS prototype  Android prototype
  • Develop and produce all necessary assets for all 20 million screen ratios [Photoshop]
  • Research and respond to user expereince of the app interface and features [InVision, Lookback]
  • Implement and update interface changes to iOS storyboards [xCode]
  • Face of MobileDay's Slackbot—Mobot  


MobileDay | 8/2014-12/2015

As a designer at MobileDay, I worked primarily in the realm of Marketing, conceptualizing, designing and implementing any and every brand material a start-up may desire.

  • Responsible for executing a cohesive and unified brand identity. Carried out rebranding effort alongside CP+B. [style guides, logo refinement, templates, visual direction for contract work] 
  • Designed, implemented, and maintained customer facing website [HTML, Sass, PHP, Javascript, Wordpress, responsive frameworks, SEO optimization, asset creation] 
  • Designed and built HTML email marketing communications and responsive Landing Pages and templates for Marketo CRM [Marketo, the world of email HTML and CSS wrangling, attention to performance, responsive frameworks] 
  • Ad and digital/social asset creation and refinement [Photoshop, Illustrator] 
  • Designed and distributed Sales and Marketing collateral and templates [Microsoft PowerPoint and Word templates, Adobe Acrobat/EchoSign Contract, Sales and Investor Decks] 
  • Photography for instructional materials, collateral, and advertisement [DSLR, Photoshop, Bridge] 
  • Animated materials and Video production for instruction and marketing [Quicktime, Photoshop, DSLR, Adobe Premiere] 
  • Print materials for sales and marketing events and distributions [Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator] 

owner | unicorn

ELD•EN | 7/2013-8/2014

ELD•EN specialized in the reimagining and revitalization of found furniture and niceties. A product of my fancy, I filled the roles of Owner, Curator, Artisan, Photographer and Designer.

Discerning, quality and intention driven, at ELD•EN old was never to be new again. Why would you ever want such a thing? Age has a quality of construction, a richness of history, an integrity of design and craftsmanship rarely seen in the new. The focus was to condition, polish, and build upon–in reverence.


  • Located and acquired furniture of value
  • All branding and identity creation [Photoshop, Illustrator]
  • Web design and implementation [HTML and CSS wrangling, responsive frameworks]
  • Outlets for product marketing and distribution
  • Product design and artistry
  • All product photography [DSLR, Photoshop, Premiere]

owner | photographer | design

LSarah Creative | 10/2011-8/2014

As owner and cheift creative of LSarah Creative, I provided custom design and photography services to individuals, artists, or organizations with particular attention to the creative collaboration and intent. Customer ideas, motivations, needs, and aesthetics were the foundation upon which media and techniques were considered.


photography instructor

Houston Center for Photography | 8/2011-4/2014

Non-profit gallery specializing in photography as an art form. Supports emerging and mid-career artists, and promotes the study of photography.

  • Instructor for classes, workshops, and camps.
  • Instrumental in developing curriculum for the youth education programs offered.
  • Part of a small outreach team teaching photograhic processes in the Cancer and Renal Centers at Texas Childrens Hospital. hcponline.org/community/picturethis

Filmmaking instructor

Aurora Picture Show | 1/2012-6/2013

Aurora Picture Show is a non-profit media arts center that presents artist-made, non-commercial film and video. We are dedicated to expanding the cinematic experience and promoting the understanding and appreciation of moving image art.

Through Aurora I participated in various residencies at Houston schools teaching the students filmmaking techniques such as stop motion, storyboarding, green screen, basic editing, foley sound effects, etc. Some projects were in collaboration with Writers in the Schools.

Examples of student film:

Dancer | Advisory Board

Suchu Dance | 4/2004-6/2013

Participated in 2-3 evening length performances per year as a dancer/performance artist. As an Artistic Advisory Board Member I provided the company with complimentary Photographic and Design services for web and promotional materials.

Published reviews:


Cypress Fairbanks ISD | 2008-2011

Teacher of Photography, Electronic Multimedia, Drawing and Painting at CyWoods High School. I maintained a chemical and digital darkrooms, managed and distributed supplies, created instructional materials, and upheld all of the other plentiful responsibilities of a public school teacher.


Century 21 Ross Group | 2006-2008

As a licensed Realtor I assisted in the sale and purchase of many parcels of real estate in Houston. My mild addiction to real estate remains in tact.